Head Girl's Message

Success is not overnight, it is when everyday you get a little better than the day before. I Shrishti Yadav of Grade – IX feel honored and privileged to be the Head Girl of this prestigious institute Allenhouse Public School, Ghaziabad. I would like to pay my reverence to our Director Ma’am Manisha Anthwal & our Vice-Principal Ma’am Meeta Arora and all the Teachers who showed immense faith and trust in me and considered me capable enough to shoulder the responsibilities of being the Head Girl. I would like to quote some lines.

Patient and study with all she bear, Ready to meet, every challenge with care, Easy in her faith, Refreshingly real, Is not afraid to people what is bold, doesn’t confirm to the usual mould, Never backs down when she sees what is true, Growing in strength she won’t be unnerved. Such is a leader ever assuming, she will stand by her words.

On this note, I hope I can prove myself worthy of the mantle bestowed on me.

Head - Girl

Shrishti Yadav (Class - IX)