Cambridge English Assessment

Our mission is to prepare the students and improve their English which will help them to communicate in real life through internationally accepted language skills. We introduce Cambridge English Assessment to our Allenhouse Schools. This is an integral part of our school curriculum.

What is Cambridge?

Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessingEnglish. It combines the experience and expertise of the Cambridge English Language Assessment. Cambridge English deliverseducational excellence and opportunities for learners and teachers.

Cambridge English is driven by world-class research and a profound commitment to

  • Delivering educational excellence.
  • Providing increased opportunities for learners
  • Offering value to educational institutions.
  • Promoting language learning to benefit society.


  • International Curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment
  • International recognition

A Few facts and figures about Cambridge:

  • 5.5 million assessments taken every year
  • Accepted by over 20,000 organizations worldwide
  • 2800 exam centers in 130 countries
  • Over 50,000 preparation centers
  • Providing English Language Assessment since 1913.

Reasons to choose Cambridge English:

1. Develop real-life English skills

2. Exams for a range of levels and uses

  • All Cambridge English exams are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the international standard for describing language ability.

3. Accepted for work, immigration and study globally

  • Cambridge English opens doors for higher education, improve employment opportunities, and increase choice for study or work.

Many Cambridge English exams are also accepted for visa and study purposes in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada. IELTS, which is produced by Cambridge English, can also be used for UK visas and immigration.

4. It accurately and consistently tests all four language skills- Reading, writing, listening and speaking.

5. They are based on realistic tasks and situations- Preparing for their exam gives learners real-life language skills.

6. Recognised around the world- Cambridge key certificate is recognised around the world as a basic qualification in English.

7. Their exams are backed by extensive research carried out by one of the world’s largest dedicated language research teams


Pre A1 Starters – (Class1-2) Pre A1 Starters (YLE Starters), It is the start of a child’s language learning journey.

A1 Movers can help your child (Class3-4) – A1 Movers (YLE Movers), it is the next step in a child’s English language learning.

A2 Flyers (Class5)– A2 Flyers (YLE Flyers), It is the third of our fun, activity-based English tests for children.

A2 Key for Schools (Class 6-7) –A2 Key for Schools (KET) it is an exam for school age learners which will help prepare them for higher-level English language qualifications.

a. Starters I
b. Starters II
c. Movers III
d. Movers IV
e. Flyers V